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The most common question people ask me is NOT "Do you grind your own ink?", but "Where did you get your name?" I share my name with a Bulgarian champagne, an Estonian solar dish company, and V.I. Lenin’s newspaper of the Russian revolution. You can decide for yourself which of these inspired my father to put "Iskra" in front of "Johnson."

I come to my design career with a background in Asian arts and T’ai Chi, a BFA in painting, and years of study in western calligraphy. In my work I try for finesse and depth, and I have been honored to be published in Print, Communication Arts, U&lc, and the annuals of the Type Director’s Club. My work is also included in Trademarks & Logotypes of the World II, The Creative Stroke, Super Logo Design II (Tokyo), Excellence In Lettering & Typography and numerous other anthologies. The most recent publication, "New Illustration with Type" includes typographic pieces from my mixed media journals.

I work in a creative compound in the middle of a garden. My daily life includes weeding, bird watching, time in the fine art studio, and excursions with the camera. I am always on the lookout for inspiration, whether from the graffiti and random marks of the urban landscape or the intricate patterns of nature in my own back yard. I experiment continually to find new ways to express the meaning of words through design.

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